CBR Graphic is focused on the concept and expression of the poster and typography.
We develope graphic visual identity and experiments based on this idea.

Chae Byung-rok
Art Director, Graphic Designer

Chae Byungrok is a graphic designer based in Seoul, running CBR Graphic after his graphic design study under Koichi Sato at Tama Art University in Japan. He pursues an essential part of visual language keeping his attitude as an expressionist. He explores visual experimentations, focusing on the concept and expression, using posters as a key medium. He recently collaborated with various cultural organisations and corporations, teaching typography and graphic expressions in universities.

Professional Experiences

2014 —
• Art Director & Graphic Designer, CBR Graphic

2016 —
• Adjunct Professor at Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
• The 5th Typojanchi Pre-Biennale SAISAI

2016 — 2017
• Workshop Moderator

• The Second half of Craft & Design Product Development Project Designer / KCDF(Korea Craft & Design Foundation)

2013 — 2014
• Freelance Graphic Designer

• MFA, Design (Graphic) / Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
• Dissertation - A study of Optical Illusion Effects in 3-Dimensional Typography

2006 — 2009
• Senior Designer / E-land Retail, Seoul, Korea

2005 — 2006
• Designer / Design Sai, Seoul, Korea

• BFA, Visual Communication Design / Kyunghee University, Suwon, Korea

Association and Academic Societies

• Member of 'Korea Society of Typography'

• Member of 'VIDAK(Visual Information Design Association of Korea)

Teaching Experience, Visiting Lecturer

• Typography - Graphic / Sejong University, Seoul
• Editorial Design / Kyunghee University, Suwon

• Type & Image / Sejong University, Seoul
• Poster Workshop / PaTI(Paju Typography Institute), Paju
• Graphic 3 - Form to Graphics / Kookmin University, Seoul
• Typography - Graphic / Sejong University, Seoul
• Basic Typographic / Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul

• RDP 3(Research Design Publishing) - Typography Poster / University of Ulsan, Ulsan
• Workshop - One Letter / PaTI(Paju Typography Institute), Paju
• Professional Editorial Design - 談我 / Chungbuk National University, Cheongju
• Editorial Design 1 - M/M Project / Chungbuk National University, Cheongju
• Typography 3 - Typography Poster / University of Ulsan, Ulsan


• Moscow Intenational Biennial of Graphic Design 2016, Golden Bee 12 Winner in Category (2) Digital / Moscow, Russia

• Trnava Poster Triennial 2015(TPT) Winner(2nd Prize) in (A) Professional / Trnava, Slovakia
• China-Italy International Design Week Evolving Silk Road Winner(Gold Award) & Jury Award(Erich Brechbühl) / Florence, Italy
• Moscow Intenational Biennial of Graphic Design 2014, Golden Bee 11 Winner in Category (A) Poster / Moscow, Russia
• Winner, Korean Society of Typography 9th Exhibition / Pukyong National University, Busan
• Poster for Tomorrow, International Online Jury

Pears and Apples

A word Hangawi, which is Korean Thanksgiving day, originated from Silla’s traditional day ‘Ga Bae’, meaning mid day of the month. 
By adding ‘Han’ to the word, which means big, Hangawi refers to mid Autumn.
The night of full moon, is the day where people enjoy, play, dance with drinks and food. It is also the day you wish for great fortune and generosity.
Graphic Designer Chae Byung-rok was inspired by the progressively increasing and decreasing sizes of the moon and concentrated on the circular form of the full moon. He visually represented the immensely bright and smooth shape of the moon to be selfless and warm hearted.
The theme of the exhibition evolves around ‘purity of mind as a whole’, ‘wishes’ and ‘excitement’.
It displays thirteen new posters and four <fortune> poster series.

Poster / 700 x 990mm / Digital Printing + Gold Leaf / Self-initiated Work / 2017